Chevrolet Nova Internet Source 1962-1967 photos

If the car you wish to see is not directly linked to its name, it will be in the year range page which is listed above the car.

Dearly Departed means that the person listed does not currently own his car (usually, he either sold or wrecked it).
New! means that the car is a new entry to the Photo Gallery.
Name/Car Engine Body Style Other
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Andy Miller's 1962 Chevy II 4001942D hardtopFine Canadian car.
Thomas J. Kirby's 1963 Chevy II1944D sedanTalk about impulse shopper!
Lance Mackey's 1963 Chevy II Nova 4002D hardtopOne-family car.
Ron Marosko's 1963 Chevy II Nova194ConvertibleCherry daily driver.
Lyle Reene's 1963 Chevy II Nova3272D sedanShow condition car.
New!Johan Ankarbäck's 1964 Chevrolet Chevy II 3001932D sedanLives in Sweden.
Robert Olmstead's 1964 Chevy II Nova SS4002D hardtopEngine was in a drag car.
Lance Zielinski's 1964 Chevy II Nova3502D hardtopGutsy cruiser.
Bill Dermond's 1965 Chevy II Nova1942D hardtopLowrider, oil pan 2" off ground.
Travis Higdon's 1965 Chevy II Nova2834D sedanSpiffy daily driver.
John Phillips's 1965 Chevy II Nova3552D sedan¼ mile in 10.14 seconds at 134 MPH.
Dearly DepartedJohn Boucher's 1966 Chevy II Nova SS3272D hardtopFor sale.
Mark Draycott's 1966 Chevy II Nova SS3272D hardtopFor sale.
Michael Guidry's father's 1966 Chevy II Nova3274D hardtopCompletely restored.
Olli Hollmen's 1966 Chevy II3504D sedanIt's in Finland!
Dirk Daube's 1967 Chevy II Nova SS1942D hardtopOne owner since 1969.
Leonard Davis's 1967 Chevy II4542D hardtopEighth-mile drag racer.
Gregory Donarum's 1967 Chevy II1942D sedanFor sale.
New!Dante Hall's 1967 Chevy II2832D hardtopVery nice.
Dearly DepartedMark Henshaw's 1967 Chevy II Nova2834D sedanNice, very original car.
Dearly DepartedRick Mance's 1967 Chevy II Nova SS3502D Sport CoupeFor sale. Lots of features.
Steve and Sandie McNabb's 1967 Chevy II Nova SS3272D hardtopFactory original restoration.

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