1962-67 Chevrolet Chevy II

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1963 Chevy II Nova Lyle Reene's 1963 Chevy II Nova
Engine/Drivetrain 327, 4 bbl. carburetor.
Body Style 2-door sedan.
Strengths Very cherry.
Estimated Value None specified.
April 1, 1996: The car was originally purchased by the proverbial little old lady in Montana who moved to California (Pasadena no less) shortly after purchase. The car spent its whole life in California, owned by the same lady up until the late 1980s. I purchased the car in Aug 1991 and immediately began a frame-on restoration. Also swapped the 6 cylinder for a custom build (by me) 350 HP, 327 engine, 4 speed tranny, and 4:11 PosiTrac rear. Have showed the car ever since, and take it to all major shows including the NNN (National Nostalgic Nova) convention every year in Pennsylvania to which we usually drive the car (app. 800 miles each way).

1964 Chevy II Nova Robert Olmstead's 1964 Chevy II Nova SS
Engine/Drivetrain 400 .060 over, Edelbrock intake, Holley 750 double-pumper, generic Camaro headers, Elgin 292 cam, stock heads, and Accel coil.Engine top left view. Engine front middle view. Engine on stand left view. Rear end is a 3.08:1 with an Auburn Gear Pro Series positrac differential.
Body Style 2-door Super Sport hardtop.
Strengths Engine was previously used in a 1977 Nova.
Estimated Value Your guess is as good as mine.
February 20, 1996: This car is Robert's daily driver for college. He plans on painting it after the summer.

1965 Chevy II Nova Bill Dermond's 1965 Chevy II Nova
Engine/Drivetrain 194, Powerglide transmission.
Body Style 2-door hardtop.
Strengths Used to be a nice Chevy II.
Estimated Value Unspecified.
July 30, 1996: The Road Surfer is a 1965 Nova hardtop with a stock 6 cylinder engine and a Powerglide transmission. It now has almost 600 louvers, including 280 in the hood, 180 in the trunk lid, 50 in each front fender, and even some in the bumpers, glove box, and ashtray. Rubbing out this bad boy was no fun. I later found some skirts and dropped it another inch, so now it has 2" of clearance under the pan at most.

1965 Chevy II Nova John Phillips's 1965 Chevy II Nova
Engine/Drivetrain 355 Chevy small block, 13.5:1 compresion ratio. See below for more information on the engine.
Body Style 2-door sedan.
Strengths Specifically tailored for drag racing.
Estimated Value A whole lot.
March 4, 1996: John's drag racing Nova has the following components: Brodix-11 cylinder heads, 2.08 intake valves, 1.65 exhaust valves, 6" H-beam rods, Keith Black pistons, .680 lift Ultradyne roller camshaft, Brodix intake manifold, 1050 cfm Dominator carburetor, 1957 Oldsmobile rear end with 4.88 gears, 14"x32" Goodyear slicks, 1965 Corvair front suspension, Mustang rack and pinion steering. This machine makes the quarter mile in 10.14 seconds at 134 MPH.

1966 Chevy II Nova SS Mark Draycott's 1966 Chevy II Nova SS
Engine/Drivetrain 1966 327 cid with 900 miles on driveline and a factory 3.23 Positrac rear end. See below for greater detail.
Body Style 2-door hardtop.
Strengths Very good condition, original interior.
Estimated Value This car is for sale. Mark is asking for $12,500 CDN. Appraised value before work was done on this car (see below) was $11,200.00 CDN. Contact Mark Draycott to make an offer.
March 8, 1996: All the trim is on this for the original SS package. It was originally a 230 but had been converted before I bought the car. When I got it the vehicle was restored but the guy ripped me off because the motor was out of it. (The oil pick-up had come loose and bounced off the crank and all the pieces went through the motor. He filled it up with new oil and sold it!) I found a 1966 327 and had it bored .040; put in new bearings, rings, small journal steel crank turned .010/.010, Summit .488/465 .292/.282 cam, Weiand Stealth intake, and 600 cfm Holley; and fully rebuilt 300 horse heads. I've also added chrome altenator, valve covers, breather, etc.

1966 Chevy II Nova Michael Guidry's father's 1966 Chevy II Nova
Engine/Drivetrain 327, 4 bbl Holley carb., 2-speed Powerglide transmission, Turbo Flo mufflers.
Body Style 2-door hardtop.
Strengths Ground-up rebuild.
Estimated Value Above $4,000.
March 20, 1996: When my father got married in 1974, his father sold him his '66 Nova for $200. The car was later affectionately refered to as "The Bomb." It was parked around 1986 in a shed where it was to remain until the summer of '89. This is when my father, with the help of my brother and me, started to restore the car. We did the engine bay first by replacing the original straight six with one out of a '74 pickup. Then we restored the interior. The A/C, seats, and center console were taken from a '65 Nova SS. I kept the dashboard from the '65; it now hangs in my bedroom. My father later added a 327.

SPECIAL NOTE: This next guy is from Finland! Drop him a message; he wants to hear from you!
1966 Chevrolet Chevy II Olli Hollmen's 1966 Chevrolet Chevy II
Engine/Drivetrain 350 SB, 4-bbl Carter TQ (out of #@!%& Mopar) carburetor, dual 2.5" exhaust, factory 3.08:1 rear end, 3-speed transmission, trunk mounted battery.
Body Style 4-door sedan.
Strengths A great cigarette lighter.
Estimated Value Beyond estimation.

Spring 1989: I saw an ad in a paper to arouse my latent interest to a lightweight Sleeper-type street killer. Made a quick decision and the heap was mine. Being fed with the unimpressive performance the original 6- banger had to offer, I swapped a 350 2-bbl in, retaining the single exhaust and 3-speed. Blew up (stuck synchro-ring) the original 3 spd, replaced it with a similar one out of a Chevelle.

Spring 1990: Threw in a Holley aluminum manifold, 4-bbl Carter TQ, and welded together a 2.5" dual exhaust. Got beaten by a BMW 325i in a top speed race. Decided something must happen beneath the hood.

Next few summers: Driving around happily with the old hardware.

NOW: I'm planning to have (actually the motor only needs to have the heads pocket ported and put together) a 400 SB with 750 Holley, 280 Competition Cam, 10:1 pistons under hood to make it the hottest street sleeper around. My parents and others concerned think the 350 is fine but I don't quite agree. Something must be done! The 3 speed manual is going to be swapped to a TH 350 which I have standing rebuilt in my shop already. Watch out soon, Bimmers!

1967 Chevy II Leonard Davis's 1967 Chevy II
Engine/Drivetrain 454 + .140 standard deck height; Weisco 13.1 pistons; Manley steel rods; Brodix heads; Crane Rockers camshaft; two 750 CFM Barry Grant carburators with Holley blue pumps; Holley intake; Powerglide transmission with ATI 5500 converter, transbrake, and 1.82 shaft; Hurst " stick with Dixie air shifter; and a Ford 9" spool-Moser axle with 4:86 gears.
Body Style 2-door hardtop.
Strengths Quite capable of massive speed.
Estimated Value It's worth more than your car.
July 4, 1996: The car also has the following features: Autometer liquid filled gauges, Goodyear 33x16x15 tires on the rear and Goodyear 26.0x4.5x15 tires on the front, four-wheel disc brakes, Pinto steering, Weld Draglites wheels, MSD-7AL ignition with Mallory coil-Dedenbear crossover box, 4 link suspension with AVO shocks (all corners), and a Harwood fuel cell. The body is painted in pearl white; the bumpers are black cherry. It has purple pearl, red pearl, black cherry, magenta, and black stripes. The brand of paint used is DuPont Chroma Base Coat and Clear Coat.

Now about my drag car: It took me about 8 months to build it at nights in my spare time after work. The tubing is mild steel (0.130 wall x 1-5/8).The main rails are 2x3 tubing. It has a funny car cage attached for extra safety. I did the complete chassis, 4-link, and aluminum interior, wing exterior and all the painting, fabriciating, tubing, bending, welding, bead rolling, wiring, etc.

I will be running this car on the east coast on mainly 1/8 mile tracks. It takes a lot of hard work and many hours to build these cars, but us drag racers are truly dedicated to the sport or we wouldn't spend our time, money and most of all not (BONDING) with our wife enough while this process is happening. How many times have I heard that? Good luck to all drag racers this year.

1967 Chevy II Gregory Donarum's 1967 Chevy II
Engine/Drivetrain 194 inline 6-cylinder, 2-speed Powerglide automatic transmission.
Body Style 2-door sedan.
Strengths Very close to stock.
Estimated Value "On a good day I could probably get $2500 for the car."
May 24, 1996: The page looks great. It's cool to see my car up there. If you ever get any mails from people looking to buy a Chevy II, you might want to pass my name along. It looks like I am going to try to sell the Nova so I can get my 442 painted. It's kinda sad but I'd rather see someone else race the car than have it sit at home in Maryland in the backyard.

March 26, 1996: I bought the car about two years ago out of an old lady's garage as the old story goes. It is a bone stock 2 door sedan except for the front disk brake conversion and Lakewood drag shocks in the front. It's also got a set of 15x6 and 15x7 steelies front and rear respectively with the stock hub caps to maintain the sleeper look. A 350 small block and Ford 9 inch sit within a hundred feet of the car waiting for the proper rebuilds to replace the straight six, etc. First though I have to buy sub frame connectors and a roll bar to keep the body straight.

1967 Chevy II Steve and Sandie McNabb's 1967 Chevy II Nova Super Sport
Engine/Drivetrain 327 cid 275 hp motor, Muncie M20 4-speed manual transmission, Posi-Traction 12 bolt HD rear axle (3.55:1), and dual exhaust.
Body Style 2-door hardtop.
Strengths Factory original restoration.
Estimated Value A lot more than Aren Cambre's '74 Nova.
July 5, 1996: This is our restored factory original Chevy II Nova SS. It was restored from the ground up and completed in 1992. She has won numerous trophies in the few shows she has attended. I think finding the time to show her is the problem. Here are some of her special features: power front disc brakes with rally wheels (1 of 565), power steering, air conditioning, tinted glass, tachometer, speed warning, remote side view mirror, bumper guards, push button, AM radio with rear seat speaker, sports style wood-grain steering wheel, 6 other dealer installed options. Her color is mountain green. Click here for a side view showing the rear. Click here for another side view.

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