Travis Higdon

Year 1965
Make Chevrolet
Model Chevy II Nova
Body Style 4-door sedan
VIN 116695N208495

Engine 283
Heads Stock
Compression Ratio 9.25:1
Estimated peak horsepower 195 HP @ 4800 RPM
Estimated peak torque 285 lb/ft @ 2800 RPM
1965 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova

March 25, 1996: Its name is Baby Sunshine. [Aww. How cute.] The paint is a dull finish baby blue with a white hard top, and the body is in great shape. While there are no visible dents or scratches, I suspect there may have been one minor bump that was taken out. Someone stole the original chrome fuel cap so I have one off a Ford truck that fits but doesn't look as pretty. The interior is a bit worn; I need to have it reupholstered when I can afford it. It has shiny baby moon hubcaps.

1965 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova rear

One weekend a few months ago, some friends and I went to Houston to see a band. We left Friday night after everyone got off work in two cars: my Nova and another guy's Isuzu Trooper (or something like that). Before we left, they were asking, "Travis, can your car go 55mph?" We hit the open highway at high speeds to make good time, and I had the Nova going at about 85 to 90 MPH. It drove smoothly, and I was tempted to punch it and see just how fast it would go. I decided it wouldn't be a good idea on the highway at night. The wind flowing through the vents, poorly sealed doors, and windows was so loud that we couldn't hear the radio or even talk to each other inside the car. When we finally stopped for gas, the other guy was like, "Man, you were driving so fast! I had my pedal all the way down and couldn't keep up!" That's my Baby Sunshine.

1965 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova front seat April 5, 1996: I was making a delivery at work when this guy pulled out in front of me. I hit him! My driver's side fender is all crunched up. So is my bumper and front grillwork. Aaarrrgggghhh! I'm so bummed! After 31 years of smooth driving, something like this has to happen to the Nova.

May 31, 1996: I replaced the fender, bumper, and grillwork with used original parts off another '65 Chevy II Nova.

1965 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova dashboard November 26, 1996: This summer I got the car reupholstered: new seat foam, new carpet, new headliner, new side panels, new armrests, new visors, new weatherstripping, new seat material, everything. It was done with original material, so it looks boss. Now i just need to polish up the chrome and maybe replace some of the outside chrome parts. Then I'll start saving up for a paint job! I wish i knew more about what goes under the hood--I'm afraid I'm more into aesthetics than mechanics.

My car came with a factory A/C, but I have never seen it. It was removed by the previous owner because he didn't like the way it looked. I kind of wish I had an A/C down here in Austin. The summer gets pretty hot.

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