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If the car you wish to see is not directly linked to its name, it will be in the year range page which is listed above the car.

Dearly Departed means that the person listed does not currently own his car (usually, he either sold or wrecked it).
New! means that the car is a new entry to the Photo Gallery.
Name/Car Engine Body Style Other
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Jason Gurney's 1975 Chevrolet Nova3502D sedanIn memory of a friend.
Kevin Kuhlkin's 1975 Chevrolet Nova3502D sedanInteresting stories, ran strong.
Bert's 1976 Chevrolet Nova3502D sedanNHRA Stock Eliminator (drag racing), J/SA or K/SA class.
Steve Custer's 1976 Chevrolet Nova2504D sedanBarely alive.
Jeremy Pirnat's 1976 Chevrolet Nova3052D sedanRead this one!
New!Scott Windle's 1976 Chevrolet Nova3272D sedanFeatured in Nova Times.
David Akerley's 1978 Chevrolet Nova2502D sedanOne owner, driven rarely.
Josh Fixsen's 1978 Chevrolet NovaL-62D hatchbackNice newer Nova.
Carmine Granucci's 1978 Chevrolet Nova2502D hatchbackLots of room for him and his girlfriends.
Brian Thornton's 1978 Chevrolet Nova3552D sedanAlmost completely black.
Dearly DepartedJeneth Hawke's 1979 Chevrolet Nova3052D hatchbackIt must be nice not to have to worry about speed limits!
Kevin Kuhlkin's 1979 Chevrolet Nova2502D sedanReally slow rust bucket.

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