1975-79 Chevrolet Nova

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1975 Chevrolet Nova Jason Gurney's 1975 Chevrolet Nova
Engine/Drivetrain 350.
Body Style 2-door sedan.
Strengths In memory of a friend.
Estimated Value Over $4,000.
May 15, 1996: I own a '75 Nova SS (not really an SS; it has the stripes, stickers, and the grill, so it looks good enough to fool people). Engine is a rebuilt 350 with competition cam, Wieland manifold, Holley 650 cfm dual feed carb, Accel ignition, Blackjack headers, and Hurst shift kit. Its got some pep; even as an automatic it will break traction shifting gears. My estimated value consists of: $2500 in the motor, $600 in Goodyear Eagle ST white letter tires, $600 in Alpine stereo equipment, and irreplaceable Keystone Classic rims. The car is in dire need of a paint job. As typical of Iowan cars, the rear quarters are begining to rust and the paint is seriously faded. I purchased the car from the parents of a friend who passed on in '92; I couldn't allow the memories to go as well. It has served me well as a daily driver for the past 4 years without any problems. As soon as I make some money, she's going to get the love she deserves.

1978 Chevrolet Nova Carmine Granucci's 1978 Chevrolet Nova
Engine/Drivetrain 250, L6, 3-speed automatic transmission, 130,000 miles.
Body Style 2-door hatchback.
Strengths Lots of room for him and his girlfriends.
Estimated Value $500-$700.
September 25, 1996: There is a possibility that I will spend the winter dropping a 305 TPI engine and rear end from a 86 Camaro IROC Z into my Nova. I may also redo the body work. (I want to make a sleeper so nobody will really think it's that fast until I lay on the gas.) I'm currently fixing up a 1979 Chevy Caprice Classic so I can use it while I garage the Nova. Hopefully my plans will go ahead this winter.

April 26, 1996: I got this Nova in June of 1994, and it's been running strong ever since. Its original owner just let it sit out in the yard, so its body is kind of out of shape. However, I did score it for $100. Anyway, I've done a lot of engine work over the past year or so to my Nova, but I plan on dedicating a lot of time to it over this coming summer. It's a great car, and the chicks dig it. It has vinyl bench seats, is light blue with "rust highlights," and has all original equipment except for the stereo (I still have the original AC/Delco AM stereo it came with). I'm the second owner. Some nice things: runs solid, top speed is way pass 80 MPH (probably about 110 MPH; the speedometer only goes up to 80, but the needle was pointing at the "D" in the transmission setting). Some bad things: rear quarter panels slowling rotting away, lots of rust (previous owner let is sit out in the yard too long), a few dents.

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