Chevrolet Nova Internet Source Technical Information

Chevrolet Novas? Are you some kind of nut?Yup.
What browser should I use to view the Chevrolet Nova Internet Source? The Chevrolet Nova Internet Source is unapologetically geared towards Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x. All of Netscape's products have been half-baked: they sloppily interpret HTML tags. You cannot properly see the site unless you use MSIE 4.x.
How should adjust my display settings?You should use 16-bit color depth. Many images and colors will look off-color with only 256 colors. 24- or 32-bit color do not increase your picture quality. They will only slow down your video card.
What system do you use to create this page?Hardware: My computer is manufactured by Scarsdale Computers (281-464-9415). It is a Pentium MMX 200MHz with 64MB EDO RAM, Tyan piece of crap motherboard, Western Digital 4GB and 3.1GB HDDs, Trident 9685 PCI 2MB video card, Mitsumi 32X CD-ROM, Yamaha 16-bit sound card, Iomega parallel port ZIP drive (it's actually pretty fast if the parallel port is on ECP mode!), Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 660C, Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 6L, Mag Innovision DX-15T monitor, 3COM 900XL 10-BaseT PCI Ethernet card, and a US Robotics 33.6K voice modem.

Software: I use Allaire Homesite 3.01 for the HTML itself. It is the best code-based HTML editor on the market. (WYSIWYG editors are for sissies.) I use Corel Photo-Paint 8.369 to handle all my bitmap graphics. Both of these applications run on top of Windows 98.

Web server: The site uses an Apache web server running off of a UNIX machine at SMU. I use server-side includes with some of the pages.

How did you create the VIN decoder?I programmed it myself using Microsoft J++ 1.1. I wrote it in Java SDK 1.0 to maintain compatibility with most web browsers out there.
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