Lance Schueneman

Year 1974
Make Chevrolet
Model Nova
Body Style 2-door sedan

Engine 250

Transmission 3-speed manual

Sound System Pioneer radio
1974 Chevrolet Nova
July 3, 1996: I bought the car in August 1993 from a family friend for $500. I still drive the car today; it traverses approximately 80 miles every day into downtown Houston to my present job. It has a non-functioning speedometer. Things I've changed to the Nova: alternator (bad when purchased, but I knew that), two clutches (okay, that was mostly my fault), floorboard shift kit (the column shift tube broke and Chevy doesn't make them anymore), new stereo (the Kraco had to go, so in went a new Pioneer), new rear speakers (they went in with the new stereo), and the dent over the driver's side headlight (when will people learn not to swerve into your lane?). March 4, 1998: The car was sold in January of 1997 and bought to be turned into a racecar. From the last I heard, the car was rolled during a race.