Jim McClain

Year 1972
Make Chevrolet
Model Nova
Body Style 2-door sedan
Miles 74,000

Engine 250

Transmission Power Glide
1972 Chevrolet Nova
April 9, 1997: I purchased my Nova last year because my other car was a heap (never buy a car from Courtesy Mitsubishi in San Jose). I was impressed by the condition of the car, so I bought it. Little did I know what I was getting myself into! It was kept in a garage its entire life, and I would like to keep it good shape. This Nova's original owner drove it until she was 92 years old. I'm not sure how the old lady lasted that long without power steering or power brakes!
1972 Chevrolet Nova engine I did forget to mention that my car is a daily driver. One day when I win the lottery, I will buy another car so I can have some real fun with this one. My dream is to put a nice 427 in it like the Yenko SC/427 Nova had. Also, it will eventually be repainted and get some nice rally wheels. But for right now it gets to keep the six in it, and I will have to do the best I can with it. Besides, it seems a waste to take a perfectly good engine out of a car.
1972 Chevrolet Nova interior The link I have to classic industries is invaluable to anyone restoring a Nova. Their catalog has every part I could think of and was worth the five bucks it cost. I have already replaced the outside mirror on my car with one I ordered from them. The dealership wanted $60 for it and through classic it was only $50 including shipping.
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