Dr. Bruce Levy

Year 1972
Make Chevrolet
Model Nova
Body Style 2-door sedan

Engine 250

Transmission Torque Drive

Paint Color Ugly green
1972 Chevrolet Nova
November 19, 1996: This car is Dr. Bruce Levy's old Nova. As a point of reference, Dr. Levy is Aren Cambre's freshman honors rhetoric professor. (Rhetoric is SMU's version of English.)

The picture comes from some kind of parade in which his college dormitory was involved. The woman on the car is scantily clad, covered with shaving cream, and possibly inebriated. I'd be willing to bet that this parade had something to do with "inhaling."

Unfortunately, Dr. Levy replaced this car with a stinking Toyota Corolla. He says that the Torque Drive transmission gave him problems.

November 22, 1996: [In response my above comment, Dr. Levy wrote the following:] It was good to see the old Nova on the net. I must take exception to your comment about drinking and inhaling. This was good, clean, college fun. It was a parody of a parade that we were putting on for homecoming. It was just pure silliness. So there.

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