Frank Kostyun

Year 1972
Make Chevrolet
Model Nova
Body Style 2-door sedan
Miles 120,800 miles as of June 6, 1996

Engine 250 straight 6
Carburetor 1 bbl

Transmission Original transmission with original fluid!
1972 Chevrolet Nova
October 5, 1996: This Nova was manufactured in November 1971 at the Willow Run, MI assembly plant. It was originally olive-green. It has 120,800 miles on the original engine and transmission. It still has its original transmition fluid (apparently, he's not kidding!). It can stilll do 110 MPH without a problem. It had an ignition by Accell, but it burned out. It also has Split-Fire spark plugs.
1972 Chevrolet Nova Interior It has a cloth black interior. All items are covered in an interior cloth, including kick panels, trim, etc. That gives it a nice custom look while still retaining the original look and feel. I replaced the instrument panel with one from a 1971 Chevy Nova and the plastic dash with one from a 1977 Chevy Nova. The steering wheel came from a 1978 Chevy Nova.
1972 Chevrolet Nova rear The car was painted with PPG Concept Acrylic Urethane in high gloss Ghost White. The chrome is completely polished; I used a buffing wheel to get a high-lustre finish. It has a new front bumper to replace damaged one. (I just happened to have a extra one!) The rear-end was raised 8". I added 307 logos to the side. (Hehehhehhe.)
1972 Chevrolet Nova Trunk Here's the sound system: Pioneer KEH-5200 Deck (4 x 35 watts), Pioneer GMX-304 Power Amp (4 x 70 watts), Pioneer TS-1850 6 " 2-way speakers mounted in doors, Pioneer TS-6950 6x9 3-way 180 watt speakers mounted in rear deck, and a Pioneer TS-WF26 10" Free Air subwoofer. The wiring is 12 guage Phoenix Gold Super OFC. I use 24k connecters by Monster Cable and Phoenix Gold OFC RCA Cables from deck to amp. I also have a 4-gauge AMP power wire.

January 27, 1997:

Latest additions

2.5" dual chrome exhausts (straight out) - and a flowmaster muffler to go w/ it.

Alarm System w/ a 6 function remote
 1. power door locks/arm/disarm
 2. power trunk pop
 3. remote start
 4. Parking lights
 5. Stereo
 6. I don't know yet - prolly the headlights!

Engine Area/Front Fender: replaced all visible 5/16" bolts with polished chrome Allen head bolts ($2.34 apiece--plus chrome washers!). It looks really nice! Can't wait to get in the 350 with the EFI in there!

Monroe Formula GP Nitrogen Charged shocks (yes, to use these there's minor modification required, but hey, it rides like a Lexus!).

I've found (in addition to the original owners manual!) the protecto-plate for the car, the new vehicle warrenty paperwork, and the emissions control systems booklet!

I also have two pictures of the car in its original days from 1978 and 1982 of how the car used to look. I still need to scan them and get them "edited" (need to remove a person standing in front of the car).

Now has 128,000 miles. Iits a daily drive to school--on the other side of town--so miles add up quickickly. I'm using only 92 octane fuel (thats all it likes) and get 20 miles to the gallon!

Copyright © 1995, 1996 Aren Cambre.