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Tom Koopmann

Year 1978
Make Chevrolet
Model Chevy Coupe SS Serie II
Body Style 2-door sedan
Kilometers 85,000

Engine 250
Carburetor two 4-bbl Carter carburetors
Ignition electronic
Camshaft roller

Transmission 4-speed ZF tranny
1978 Chevrolet Nova
February 28, 1998: Right now I live in Argentina (normally I live in Germany). I bought the car in a very good shape. It a 1978 Argentinie build Nova two door coupe. Yeah, 1978, but aside of very few changes to the front turning lights it's like a 1972 American version. The car has a 250 6 cylinder engine installed that is quite hooped up. It has two 4-bbl Carter carburetors, a roller cam, light flywheel, balaced, new valavetrain, power ignition, a 4-speed tranny (it's a ZF tranny built under German licence here in Argentina that has better relations than the Saginaw and the Muncie and also should be stronger). Besides the exhaust headers and system the car is 100% original (even the wheels were delivered in this from in 1978 over here). It has 85,000 original km. The next step will be to improve the rear suspension.
1978 Chevrolet Nova rear The car was only avaliable with the 250 enigine (the early models '70-'74 with a 230). Smog pumps, EGR, and catalytic converters are an unknown word over here. These emission systems started here just the last 4 years on newer cars. Chevrolet today sells here the OPEL European line with exception of Silverado Pickup.
1978 Chevrolet Nova side The only extras on the car that were avaliable over here were A/C, power steering, electic windows—thats all! Ah the cars are lefthand driven (like in Europe and the States).

As you can imagine the safety laws over here also are not the highly developed like in other countries. Thats why the car comes with lap belts only. The car overhere wasnt called Nova. Everybody called it Chevy. The official sales name of the version I got (the last one sold over here) was "CHEVROLET CHEVY COUPE SS - SERIE II." Thats also why the lefthand of the dash has a sign saying Serie II. The Serie II has a 250 engine with a cam that was a bit "rougher" that the standard 250. It came with a bigger two bbl carburetor and slightly modified heads. The car has a small dent on left backside next to the back lid. It came from backing up into a trash post. The right backside of the car has also a sign saying Chevrolet. The front bumper is slightly bent up on the driver's side, but not as bad as it looks on the photo. On the photo the car is not in horizontal position. The pre Nova model overhere was the old Nova/Chevy II that was also avaliable in the states, even though they build it four door only.

One think that you would be of interest for you is that the highst (fasts) racing class over here runns the Novas! The all use 250 engines, that are very high developed (oval speeds of 290 km/h and higher). Even though the car is runner withour the front fenders and hood (instead with a plastic substitute).

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