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Tracy Hawke

Year 1974
Make Chevrolet
Model Nova
Body Style 2-door Custom sedan
Miles 100,000

Engine 350
Heads stock
Compression Ratio 8.5:1
Carburetor 2 bbl.
Ignition stock
Intake Mainfold stock
Exhaust stock
Camshaft stock
Timing Chain stock
Lifters stock
Estimated peak horsepower 145 HP @ 3600 RPM
Estimated peak torque 250 lb/ft @ 2200 RPM

Transmission TH350

Wheels stock
Tires all-season radial

Paint Color buckskin

Sound System custom
1974 Chevrolet Nova
March 28, 1997: This Nova is a '74 Custom with a rare colored paint job (you can't tell in the photo, but it's a light buckskin color). This color is original, but the car was repainted after a bad hail storm we had about ten years ago. The car originally had a vinyl top (it still has the extra chrome in place), but it was removed and not replaced when the paint was re-done. The car is 99% stock and came from the factory with PS, PB, a 2 barrel 350 and an automatic trans (TH-350). The car is in great original shape (I have never seen another Nova in this kind of shape without a trip to the shop for a full resto), has just under 100,000 original miles on it and is pretty quick at the light. The only thing that has EVER been modified on the car is that the previous owner removed a single leaf from each of the rear leaf springs. For some strange reason, he thought this would give the car a better looking street stance (it didn't and we're trying to fix that). The car is a real "Old Lady Story", and Tracy is the third owner. If she had a dollar for every person who has asked her to sell it to them, she would probably be a millionaire!

This car has always had regular maintenance and is in GREAT running and physical condition. In the summer of '95 we both nearly had heartattacks, though! We received a call from a neighbor during a thunderstorm informing us that a tree had fallen on top of the Nova. Fearing the worst, we dashed out into the storm to find a 35-40 foot pine tree almost completely covering the car! After hours of constant worry, the power company showed up to discover that a power line was holding the tree up. Thanks to the downed line, the trunk was being suspended about 6 inches above the roof of the car! After a few more hours of extremely careless power company intervention, the line was cut, the tree was dropped on to and then lifted off of the car and we discovered that the Nova had absolutely NO body damage! A few scuffs in the paint were removed with a good wax and buff job and the car now looks exactly the same as it did before the incident (but I think that Tracy and I both lost about ten years off of our lifespans during those intense couple of hours)!!

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