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Don Coffman

Year 1969
Make Chevrolet
Model Nova
Body Style 2-door Super Sport sedan

Engine 396
Don Coffman's 1969 Chevrolet Nova SS
September 30, 1996: Although I do plan on putting Nova feature articles on the GSN home page, I had been debating with myself about whether I should put photos of my own Nova up. After all, I want this site to be the Golden State Novas site, not my personal site. Any way since you mentioned that you would not mind getting some, here are pix of my Nova.
Don Coffman's 1969 Chevrolet Nova SS rear About my Nova: Most of these were taken in late 1991, when the frame off restoration was finished. That same month the car won the 1968 and up class at the Sears Point Super Chevy Sunday. The car was in NNN`s Nova Times, July 1996 issue. Since taking these photos in 1991 the only significant change was the switch to plain wheels with small hubcaps and white stripe tires. These are shown in the NNN feature.
Don Coffman's 1969 Chevrolet Nova SS The last picture in the series is a blast from the past. It is a picture of me and the car taken in 1982. I do not look anything like this now. When these cars were new hardly anybody had the factory wheels. The most common practice was to get the cheapest wheels possible because you probably had mags picked out before even buying the car. The options from the body broadcast sheet are as follows (with translation):
A01 Soft ray tinted windows
A02 Soft ray tinted windshield
A39 Custom deluxe seat belts
A51 Strato bucket seats
A85 Custom deluxe shoulder harness
CRD unknown
D55 Center console
L34 396 High performance engine, 350 HP
N10 Dual exhaust
U80 Rear seat speaker
ZJ1 Custom interior
1969 Chevrolet Nova engine That is all that appeared on the sheet. Some options on the car, such as the SS package (Z26), are not listed because they were redundant with the 396. The options are a little unusual: a very nice interior with a very plain Jane exterior.

The dark green color does not show up well in pictures, but it has really grown on me through the years. In fact, I have a '92 Camaro in a similar dark green. A true story about this color: I was at the 95 Chevy Fest show in Cupertino, and a photographer walked up and asked about the car next to mine, GSN member Andy Keyser`s 66. "Hey, what’s wrong with my car?" I asked. "The color is too dark. It won't look good in the magazine," was his reply. Oh, well. There goes my thoughts about a magazine article. Life goes on. Andy’s Nova did appear in Chevy High Performance magazine afterwards and also on the cover of this month's NNN Nova Times.

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