Highways Listserv Information Page

Last updated 11-9-2003

What is the Highways listserv?

The Highways listserv is an email list server. People interested in all aspects of U.S. roadway system are members. Any email message sent to highways@chevyasylum.com gets broadcasted to all members.

What do we do?

Ask and answer questions. Talk about law enforcement practices. Brag about clinching another road, or talk about a new highway sign font. Debate positioning of new routes, etc. Members can vary from road trip enthusiasts to transportation engineers.

How do I subscribe?

Send a plain text email message to majordomo@chevyasylum.com with nothing in the body besides subscribe highways. Note: send this in plain text format. Majordomo does not understand HTML.

SUGGESTION: Keep your inbox clean; separate your Highways list mail into its own folder. Tell your email program to put all messages with [highways] in the subject into a separate folder. (If you don't know how, look up words like "filter" or "rules" in your email program's help.)

How do I unsubscribe?

Send an email message to majordomo@chevyasylum.com with nothing in the body besides unsubscribe highways. Note: you must send this message from the email address that you subscribed. Also note: send this request in plain text format. Majordomo does not understand HTML.

Yes, it's free

This list has nothing to do with any for-profit business. Subscribing costs nothing. We are just a bunch of roadway nuts who want to talk about roads.

Message size and format
You can attach up to 70KB of pictures to each message. HTML emails are encouraged.

Staying on topic

Occasional off topic emails are tolerated (10% maximum, please). Be courteous and put "non-[highways]" in your subject line if you are off-topic. We don't have poles shoved up our arses, so we aren't going to bitch about occasional off-topic threads.


Do not make personal attacks or flame other users over the listserv.

Virus alerts, stupid crap, etc.

NEVER send a virus alert to the listserv. NEVER send a "breaking announcement" to the listserv. Nearly every last one of those is a fake, and we'll just rip you a new one if you sent it.

Advertising or commercial use

You may not use this list for explicitly commercial purposes mainly because we don't want your spam crap. If you happen to own a business and may be able to help out a listserv member, contact him privately.

Who's boss?

The moderator of this list is boss. His decisions are final and they may not necessarily be justified. If you don't like this, he has something you can bite.