Printed in 12-10-03 Dallas Morning News:

Retrofit silver lining

The Dallas City Council may have done motorists a huge favor. By slowing down Dallas Police Department cruisers with natural gas retrofits, they may force the police to stop over-enforcing Dallas' arbitrarily low speed limits.

Aren Cambre, Dallas

Someone with fifth grade thinking skills responded on 12-11-03:

Speeders are selfish

Re: "Retrofit silver lining," by Aren Cambre, yesterday's Letters, which expressed hope that police would stop over-enforcing "arbitrarily low speed limits."

The police enforce the legal speed limit. People like this letter writer are the ones who arbitrarily raise the speed limit, and make the roads more dangerous than they should be. I wish they only killed themselves instead of so many innocent people. Speeders are disgustingly selfish.

People who speed ignore that we do not live in a perfect world. Cars break down, people make mistakes and the weather is not always good so many people who have been killed along the highways would still be here if everyone just slowed down.

Kate Spaid, Coppell